Thursday, June 16, 2005

Xander's Stuff

First: Xander and I were at the grocery store last Saturday and he asked for cereal, the colorful kind that Candy (daycare provider) has. I asked what it is called and he said "CoCo Kackles". I asked "CoCo Pebbles" he said "No, CoCo Kackles!" I asked "CoCo Krispies" he said "No, CoCo Kackles! Mama stop saying it. It's Coco Kackles." I even had him repeat the name to Bheesh when we got home and we all laughed when he kept saying Coco Kackles. Later I asked Candy what kind of cereal she has and she said Fruity Pebbles!

Second: Xander likes to play Mama & Sweetie. I usually have to be the Mama, but sometimes he lets me be the Sweetie. I thought this was our special game, but this week I found out that he plays Mama & Sweetie with Jenna at daycare (Jenna is a petite blond, one year older than Xander. Xander had a blond girl playmate at his last daycare also. I think he is going to have a thing for blonds). I was talking to Xander about how he played Mama & Sweetie with Jenna and he said he wanted to play Mama & Sweetie Bad Guy, but Jenna said NO. Already being bossed around by the ladies.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last Saturday started good with Drew's birthday party at the pool, then got bad when we had to leave and Xander threw a fit, then got ugly at the next birthday party. Xander was just so tired he could not cope with anything including eating cake and waiting to hit the pinata (the second party was during nap time). Duncan was great because he slept between the parties.

Because we had such a busy, hectic day on Saturday I said we were not going to go anywhere on Sunday. We all stayed in out pajamas until nap time. We watched The Incredibles and ate lunch in front of the TV. Then after naps, we played in the pool in the backyard while Bheesh cooked brauts/hotdogs on the Egg. We ate outside on the deck and had a great time. Then we had homemade lemon sorbet (since Xander cannot eat ice cream) which everyone loved (except Duncan who had a lollipop).

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bathroom repainted

Tina just finished repainting the boys' bathroom. It's painted in a sort of aqua color with bubbles stenciled on. It's a lot brighter than the old decor, mostly because the new shower curtain lets more light in. And yes, she painted the ceiling, too!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Perfect Report

I took Xander to the dentist for the first time yesterday afternoon. He was great! With only a little hesitation, he walked into the back and sat on the exam chair. He did not like the chair going up and down, but he let the dentist check, clean and floss his teeth! I think he was so good because I warned him several days in advance that we were going to go to the dentist and I told him what the dentist was going to do. He seem to work better when he knows what is coming. The dentist gave him a perfect report - good clean teeth with no cavities.

After the dentist we went to Cafe Monet to paint some pottery with the boys hand prints. Xander even got to paint his own piece for the first time. Then we went to Central Market for dinner. Overall it was a great day.

Random other stuff:
Xander and I are still reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and he seems to enjoy it. He settles down to sleep better on the days when I read it to him.
Duncan can say "two". When we are trying to get Xander to do something we will use the "One, Two, Three" approach. He usually does what we want him to do before we get to "Three". We must say this a lot, because now whenever we say "One", Duncan says "Twoooooo" - with his lips pursed - he is very cute (I know I say that all the time but it is so true).

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Xander has a blue plastic chair that we got at Walgreens (our favorite store - Xander recognized Walgreens while we were driving around Washington visiting Tracy). Xander likes the chair. He uses it to reach high things around the house and sometimes he brings it out to the family room to watch TV. Duncan really likes Xander's blue chair. Duncan likes to climb up on it and sit. Sometimes Duncan uses it to climb up onto Xander's bed (even though I watched Duncan climb up into Xander's bed unassisted yesterday - makes me wonder when Duncan will figure out how to climb out of his crib). Bheesh went to Walgreens yesterday and came home with a red plastic chair for Duncan! Duncan loves his new chair and he looks so cute sitting in it. This morning both boys brought their chairs out to the family room to watch TV - very cute.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Chapter Books

I started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Xander at bedtime last night. Even though he is young and does not have a big attention span, the chapters are really small (4-8 pages) so I think he can handle a chapter a night. He seemed to like the first chapter and settled right down to sleep when we were done (after I rubbed his ear and sang rock-a-bye-baby).