Monday, June 13, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last Saturday started good with Drew's birthday party at the pool, then got bad when we had to leave and Xander threw a fit, then got ugly at the next birthday party. Xander was just so tired he could not cope with anything including eating cake and waiting to hit the pinata (the second party was during nap time). Duncan was great because he slept between the parties.

Because we had such a busy, hectic day on Saturday I said we were not going to go anywhere on Sunday. We all stayed in out pajamas until nap time. We watched The Incredibles and ate lunch in front of the TV. Then after naps, we played in the pool in the backyard while Bheesh cooked brauts/hotdogs on the Egg. We ate outside on the deck and had a great time. Then we had homemade lemon sorbet (since Xander cannot eat ice cream) which everyone loved (except Duncan who had a lollipop).


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