Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Duncan Update

Duncan is the cutest baby ever!

He can say "cheese" (when he wants to eat cheese and when you take his picture), he can say "see" (when he want to see what you are doing), and he can say "cracker" and "cup". Bheeshmar taught him to say "Where are you?" which sounds like "Wahyou?" but it is really cute when he says "Mama wahyou?". He puts his fingers together when he wants you to sing itsy bitsy spider. He blows kisses when we leave with a big "Oooooma".

He still wakes up at night and cries every now and then. Usually Bheesh gets up and calms him down.

He has started playing more physically with Xander. Yesterday he would come up behind Xander and grab him like he was trying to hug/tackle him. Xander did not like it even after I explained that Duncan was just trying to play.


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