Friday, May 06, 2005

Last night

After dinner last night was the first time the boys played together physically. By this I mean they were running around the pop-up fire truck, yelling and wrestling which really means that Xander was grabbing Duncan and knocking him down then they would both laugh and get up and do it again. It was nice because Bheesh and I could have an adult conversation and clean the kitchen together without one of us having to watch/entertain the boys.

Then when I was putting Xander to bed he was telling me about playing with lightsabers at day care today. He was upset because he had to share and could not play with one all the time. So he told me "Mama, I want you to buy one for me". This is the first time he as asked (demanded) I purchase something for him which means that he understands that somewhere there are toys for sale that I could get for him. I just laughed at him - no lightsabers from mama.


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