Thursday, May 19, 2005

Remote Blogging

Xander and I are visiting Aunt Tracy, Cousin Daniel, new baby Cousin Andrew and "Michael Michael" (Xander's version of Uncle Michael) in Washington. It rains about 20 times a day for 20 minutes and we get bits of sun in between. We've been working hard helping Tracy. We've weeded the garden, done laundry, picked up a framing, hung tons on stuff on the walls, and even helped make some curtains. Xander and Daniel have a blast playing together (Xander is teaching Daniel all kind of bad things like climbing around the outside of the slide) and Andrew is very very cutezer.

Xander and I are sleeping on the futon in the computer room and Xander rolled of the bed three times last night. One time, he did not realize he had fallen off the bed and slept on the floor for awhile. Xander is having a little harder time this afternoon after his nap. I think he is homesick - he is cranky and clingy. I hope he can last until Sunday when we go home.


At 10:00 AM, May 20, 2005, Blogger Bheeshmar said...

I love you and miss you, and so does Duncan... :)


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