Thursday, June 09, 2005

Perfect Report

I took Xander to the dentist for the first time yesterday afternoon. He was great! With only a little hesitation, he walked into the back and sat on the exam chair. He did not like the chair going up and down, but he let the dentist check, clean and floss his teeth! I think he was so good because I warned him several days in advance that we were going to go to the dentist and I told him what the dentist was going to do. He seem to work better when he knows what is coming. The dentist gave him a perfect report - good clean teeth with no cavities.

After the dentist we went to Cafe Monet to paint some pottery with the boys hand prints. Xander even got to paint his own piece for the first time. Then we went to Central Market for dinner. Overall it was a great day.

Random other stuff:
Xander and I are still reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and he seems to enjoy it. He settles down to sleep better on the days when I read it to him.
Duncan can say "two". When we are trying to get Xander to do something we will use the "One, Two, Three" approach. He usually does what we want him to do before we get to "Three". We must say this a lot, because now whenever we say "One", Duncan says "Twoooooo" - with his lips pursed - he is very cute (I know I say that all the time but it is so true).


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