Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Weekend

We had a great Memorial weekend. It rained at night or in the mornings, but the afternoons were very nice. We BBQed Saturday and Sunday nights while the boys played in the water in the backyard. We even ate outside Saturday night, pulling the plastic picnic table out to the deck. The boys liked eating outside, but I'm not sure they ate very much. After dinner we gave to boys popsicles, but Duncan would not hold his by the stick. He kept holding the popsicle and crying because it was cold. So I gave him a lollipop instead and he was happy.

We went to Dalton's birthday party Saturday morning. It was a Spiderman party and both Xander and Duncan dressed up like Spiderman. Xander actually participated in the pin the spider on Spiderman game (he would not participate in similar games at other parties this year including his own birthday party). Xander was the best piƱata hitter of the boys his age - Xander used both hands to hold the bat and hit from the side, not on the top of Spiderman's head.

On Monday we all went to the bookstore and each of us got a new book. We also got the TMBG ABC DVD because Xander and I watched it at Aunt Tracy's house and I think the boys will like it. Then Candy came over and watched the boys while Bheesh and I went to the Drafthouse to see StarWars. The movie was bad, but it was good to get out.


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