Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Xander has a blue plastic chair that we got at Walgreens (our favorite store - Xander recognized Walgreens while we were driving around Washington visiting Tracy). Xander likes the chair. He uses it to reach high things around the house and sometimes he brings it out to the family room to watch TV. Duncan really likes Xander's blue chair. Duncan likes to climb up on it and sit. Sometimes Duncan uses it to climb up onto Xander's bed (even though I watched Duncan climb up into Xander's bed unassisted yesterday - makes me wonder when Duncan will figure out how to climb out of his crib). Bheesh went to Walgreens yesterday and came home with a red plastic chair for Duncan! Duncan loves his new chair and he looks so cute sitting in it. This morning both boys brought their chairs out to the family room to watch TV - very cute.


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