Sunday, May 24, 2009

Xander makes Sushi

Xander eats the sushi
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Xander picked a recipe from the Cookbook he got from Grandma for his birthday and he picked sushi. This cookbook is great because it is written for kids, but has more interesting recipes. Next Xander wants to make felafel. These rolls were simple with cucumber, carrot and avocado for fillings. They were very good, we will be making more sushi in the future.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video: Duncan reads

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our trip to Uchi

Wow! What a great meal.

I took Tina to Uchi to celebrate her birthday. Uchi serves "contemporary Japanese" cuisine and has been universally praised by everyone I asked.

We ordered the 10-course omakase (literally, "entrust") and we weren't disappointed. Everything was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious:

  • Amuse bouche: watermelon in tomato water with arugula blossoms
  • Japanese striped jack٠heirloom tomato٠pea shoots٠lime oil٠japanese cucumber٠fish sauce
  • Oysters on the half shell with wasabi
  • Seared diver scallops٠english peas٠creme fraiche٠bacon٠dill
  • Maine lobster gazpacho٠french breakfast melon٠toasted almond٠grapes
  • Sushi: shiro sake with white soy٠kohada with sumiso٠aji with ginger
  • Mussels in sake broth with corn and sweet potatoes
  • Maine halibut٠green garlic٠basil٠sunchokes٠peanuts
  • Country farms duck٠yuzu curd٠ramps٠blood orange٠japanese yam
  • Seared foie gras sushi٠mint٠jalapeno٠tamarind
  • Meyer lemon sorbet and limoncello gellee

My favorite was the duck. There was a tiny bit of foie gras on the Japanese yam, and that flavor combination made by brain explode. I was stuffed by the foie gras sushi, which was delicious as well.

Tina really enjoyed the halibut. It was light and had subtle, but complex flavors. She also enjoyed the scallops.

We would really recommend Uchi. It was expensive, but totally worth it.