Monday, January 31, 2005

Confessions of a Bad Daddy

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

I needed to get gas yesterday, but I never did get it. I could have gotten some on the way to work this morning but I had already killed half an hour waiting in line at the post office, and I didn't want to take the extra time. I figured I could leave a little early and get some on the way home. I didn't, of course, because by the time I left I was barely able to make it home in time for Tina to go to her yoga class.

That's all just preamble to the main event...

While Tina goes to yoga, the boys and I go out to dinner. Tonight, we were going to Johnny Carino's because Xander loves pasta. There is a gas station right on the way, so I planned to stop there on the way to the restaurant. I drove right past it before I realized (planning what to order for the boys) and had no convenient turnaround, so I decided to try to make it to the next closest gas station I could think of. I ran out of gas about a mile away with both boys in the back. Bad daddy!

I called Uncle Dave, who graciously dropped what he was doing, raced home to get his gas can and came to rescue us. In the meantime, three strangers stopped to offer help; one of them pushed my car onto a side street to get off the access road. The boys were super. Xander cried once when I got out of my car to talk to one of the strangers. I should have explained what I was doing; I'm sure he thought I was leaving him. Other than that we sang songs, played tickle, and even took a short walk in the cold before seeking the relative warmth of the car.

Uncle Dave brought the gas, the car started right up, and I drove to the gas station and filled up. Then Xander piped up, "Can we go to the restaurant now? I'm hungry!" And so we did...

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Friday night we were all having a good time while changing for bed and Xander was sitting on the edge of the bathtub. He lost his balance and fell backwards into the tub. I remember seeing him fall and seeing that look on his face that you get when you are falling but I was not quick enough to grab him (bad mom). He hit his head and cut his scalp. It was just a little cut and it did not bleed a lot, but the cut was open and I was sure he needed a stitch. I freaked out. And I'm afraid I freaked Xander out also. He is still talking about how he got a cut on his head and it was open. We ended up calling the doctor's service and the doctor called back and told us not to worry about it. We got some of that liquid bandaid and put that on the next day, but the cut had scabbed over nicely by the next morning - with a minimum of blood on Xander's pillow.

Needless so say - there is no more playing in or around the bathtub any more!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Yesterday we (Xander, Duncan and I) went out to play and twice Duncan saw a dog (or a place where there usually are dogs) and said "woof woof".

Monday, January 24, 2005

Doctor appointment

Both Xander and Duncan went to the doctor today. We were following up on the hearing problem Xander had experienced two weeks ago that seems to be allergy-related (as it went away when we gave him decongestants). Unfortunately the decongestant made him really irritable and whiny, so we asked the doctor for alternatives. We were given some antihistamine to try, so I hope that helps keep him clear. Both Tina and I are allergic to cedar, so it's no surprise that Xander might be.

Duncan needed two shots and a check on his weight. He weighs 18.75 pounds which is almost a pound more than he weighed on his birthday last month, but not as much as we had hoped. He's still off the bottom of the charts. He took his two shots in stride with a minimum of crying.

Both boys were very good.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Saturday night's...

all right for fighting...

I was the Tickle Monster, Xander was Superman, and Duncan was Robin. The Tickle Monster chased and attacked our heroes until they finally wore him out.

They're sleeping soundly now. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I love those little buggers...