Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Weekend

We had a great Memorial weekend. It rained at night or in the mornings, but the afternoons were very nice. We BBQed Saturday and Sunday nights while the boys played in the water in the backyard. We even ate outside Saturday night, pulling the plastic picnic table out to the deck. The boys liked eating outside, but I'm not sure they ate very much. After dinner we gave to boys popsicles, but Duncan would not hold his by the stick. He kept holding the popsicle and crying because it was cold. So I gave him a lollipop instead and he was happy.

We went to Dalton's birthday party Saturday morning. It was a Spiderman party and both Xander and Duncan dressed up like Spiderman. Xander actually participated in the pin the spider on Spiderman game (he would not participate in similar games at other parties this year including his own birthday party). Xander was the best piƱata hitter of the boys his age - Xander used both hands to hold the bat and hit from the side, not on the top of Spiderman's head.

On Monday we all went to the bookstore and each of us got a new book. We also got the TMBG ABC DVD because Xander and I watched it at Aunt Tracy's house and I think the boys will like it. Then Candy came over and watched the boys while Bheesh and I went to the Drafthouse to see StarWars. The movie was bad, but it was good to get out.


Duncan is becoming a little chatterbox. He is actually using words to communicate instead of just grunting and pointing. He can now say mine, baby, cool, water, bubbles, please and outside.

If you say, "who wants [something]?" he will reply with "me" and hold up his hands. This is great fun for us trying to think up funny things that he wants, but we usually just say chunthy uddie.

He can also correctly point out and say nose and eyes. Usually he says eyes while trying to gouge my eyes out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Remote Blogging

Xander and I are visiting Aunt Tracy, Cousin Daniel, new baby Cousin Andrew and "Michael Michael" (Xander's version of Uncle Michael) in Washington. It rains about 20 times a day for 20 minutes and we get bits of sun in between. We've been working hard helping Tracy. We've weeded the garden, done laundry, picked up a framing, hung tons on stuff on the walls, and even helped make some curtains. Xander and Daniel have a blast playing together (Xander is teaching Daniel all kind of bad things like climbing around the outside of the slide) and Andrew is very very cutezer.

Xander and I are sleeping on the futon in the computer room and Xander rolled of the bed three times last night. One time, he did not realize he had fallen off the bed and slept on the floor for awhile. Xander is having a little harder time this afternoon after his nap. I think he is homesick - he is cranky and clingy. I hope he can last until Sunday when we go home.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


The other night, Xander asked one of us to come to his room to play with him. We suggested that he go play with his imaginary friend Boondai. His reply: "No, I want to play with someone real!"

Followed shortly by, "Mama, you drive me insane."


Duncan is a bookworm. He'll go to the little cache of books we have for him (board books) and root around until he finds a favorite, then bring it to you to read to him. If he's in a good mood, he'll hand it to you and do a little happy-dance in anticipation of you reading. His current favorites are "Come On, Dudley" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

He can say a few more words now:
"do" : Dora (the Explorer)
"oh man": in response to "Swiper, no swiping!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Duncan Update

Duncan is the cutest baby ever!

He can say "cheese" (when he wants to eat cheese and when you take his picture), he can say "see" (when he want to see what you are doing), and he can say "cracker" and "cup". Bheeshmar taught him to say "Where are you?" which sounds like "Wahyou?" but it is really cute when he says "Mama wahyou?". He puts his fingers together when he wants you to sing itsy bitsy spider. He blows kisses when we leave with a big "Oooooma".

He still wakes up at night and cries every now and then. Usually Bheesh gets up and calms him down.

He has started playing more physically with Xander. Yesterday he would come up behind Xander and grab him like he was trying to hug/tackle him. Xander did not like it even after I explained that Duncan was just trying to play.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Last night

After dinner last night was the first time the boys played together physically. By this I mean they were running around the pop-up fire truck, yelling and wrestling which really means that Xander was grabbing Duncan and knocking him down then they would both laugh and get up and do it again. It was nice because Bheesh and I could have an adult conversation and clean the kitchen together without one of us having to watch/entertain the boys.

Then when I was putting Xander to bed he was telling me about playing with lightsabers at day care today. He was upset because he had to share and could not play with one all the time. So he told me "Mama, I want you to buy one for me". This is the first time he as asked (demanded) I purchase something for him which means that he understands that somewhere there are toys for sale that I could get for him. I just laughed at him - no lightsabers from mama.