Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Serenity now!

I'm very excited about the release of Serenity (the movie based on the Firefly TV show) on September 30th, and have been anticipating it for some time. Last Friday, when I checked the Alamo Drafthouse website for showtimes, I saw that they were having a special sneak preview on Wednesday, September 28th, in conjunction with Two of the actresses from the show, Summer Glau (River) and Jewel Staite (Kaylee) are going to be in attendance and will host a Q&A session.

To win tickets, you had to write a love poem to one of the characters on the show. It's not my best work, but good enough, I guess. :) Here is my winning poem:

My Fair Kaylee

When first we met I was broke-down,
But you knew how to make me whole.
The rogues you run with may smuggle cattle,
But my heart is what you stole.

Life with me ain't easy, that's for gorram sure.
Like that time I blew up at you for no reason.
Good thing the Captain patched things up,
Or it would have been an even shorter season.

Your gentle touch makes me burn with pleasure!
Whether on the Rim or in the Core,
Through the 'verse I'll join you, if you'll have me,
And face Reavers and Alliance and more.

I give you breath, but you breathe life into me.
Without you I would be adrift.
With me you will always be home,
With me...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anjamma visit

Bheeshmar's sister Anju came to visit her nephews this past weekend. Everyone had a really nice time. Friday, we went to the Austin Zoo in the morning and then grilled steaks for dinner. Meera and Uncle Dave came and joined us for that.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much just playing with occasional breaks for resting. One of the funniest quotes of the weekend was when Xander answered a question from Anju by replying: "Knock yourself out!" :)

Xander and his Anjamma got along famously. Duncan is still too little to have the attention span to play games, but did enjoy when we got the Elephun out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Duncan is driving me insane

Yesterday Duncan tried to climb up the ladder in the garage and the storage bins in the garage. When I pulled him away from these potential hazards, he screamed and cried.
At one point in the afternoon he was playing in his room and he was being too quiet, so I went to check on him. He had climbed up to the top of his changing table and was sitting up there like the king of diaper town surrounded by diapers and he was pulling all of the wipes out of the container!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


We just bought Duncan a booster seat. He kept on climbing into his brother's anyway, so we figured it was about time. Now both boys sit across from each other in their matching chairs. :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Subtle manipulation

Last night we were all playing in the front room and Duncan walked up to me and whispered: "Daddy. Bath. Bubbles. Ok." Which I suppose was his way of suggesting that it was a bubble bath night... It wasn't: he needed to get clean from our morning at Pedernales falls (pictures on the main page).