Saturday, October 24, 2009

Duncan's Demo 2009

The KSW school did a demo and Kick-a-thon to benefit a local boy who has leukemia. Duncan did a demo with Mark and two other teams. While practicing, Mark told Duncan that they were going to be in the middle. Duncan replied that he and Mark were the real demo, and the other teams were the background.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Things Duncan said to his Kindergarten teacher.

I do Kuk Sool Won and I wear a cup to protect my junk.

My brother is going to an oceanologist and I'm going to be a volconologist. It is going to be dangerous and I may go before my time.

A tornado is when hot air and cold air come together and start spinning around so fast that it can break anything that it held together with tape. Ms M - what about things that are held together with nails? D - I don't know. I'm not a tornadologist!

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies
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We baked Halloween cookies today-pumpkins, ghosts, moons, etc. Bheesh rolled out the dough and the boys did a good job of decorating with the colored sugar and not making too much of a mess. Duncan only got one hand dirty!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Duncan's Yellow Belt

Duncan's Yellow Belt
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Today, Duncan tested for his Yellow belt. He had been very focused on tournament, which only dealt with a subset of what he needed to know for his test, but he did pretty well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

KSW Tournament 2009

Ooh La La!
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On October 10, 2009 we drove down to Katy, TX to participate in the Kuk Sool Won US Tournament. Our school in Oak Hill had great participation. This is the first year that the boys went to tournament and they only participated in forms and techniques. They each won medals (1st/3rd for Duncan, 1st/1st for Xander) and are looking forward to going back next year.

Tina is now obsessed with the phrase "sweep the leg!"

Here we are eating cupcakes as a victory lunch before we drove back home.