Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still my baby...

The other morning, I stopped to get gas while taking Duncan to preschool. While I waited for the tank to fill up, I would peek at him through the back window and make faces at him. I could see him cracking up through the glass. Tina told me that he was talking about it when she picked him up later that day, so he genuinely enjoyed that little bit of fun.

As I was screwing the gas cap back on I realized that he won't find that game amusing for much longer, and it saddened me. He's five now and soon he's going to think peek-a-boo is too childish, and then he's going to think anything his dad does is lame.

But at least for a bit longer, he's still my baby...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Duncan on Hellboy

Duncan saw the DirectTV commercial with Hellboy in it. He wanted to tell me about it, but could not remember Hellboy's name, so he described him like this:

Who is that guy with the rock hand for hitting bad guys and the soft hand for touching the ladies?


Duncan's Birthday Party

Duncan's Birthday Party
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We had Duncan's 5th Birthday party at a nearby gymnastics gym. There were two hosts who did all the work, like entertain 14 little boys for a hour with all the equipment.

Duncan blows out the candles of this Costo cake - chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Craft Project

Craft Project
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Xander wanted to do a craft project today and he decided he wanted to make teddy bears. So we made bears from scraps I had around the house: left over fleece from Duncan's Halloween costume, old buttons and ribbon. I usually have some fiberfill in my craft stash, but I used the last of it in Jerry's tail, so we just cut open an old pillow we had in the linen closet and pulled out the stuffing to fill the bears.

Can you see Duncan's scabby lip where he hit the pavement when he wiped out on his new bike? His lip is a lot less swollen than it was yesterday.