Sunday, February 26, 2006

Joke of the day

After dinner, the boys were eating leftover Valentines candy. Xander had a big box of candy hearts that he was devouring. Tina asked, "Are you going to eat the whole box?" To which Xander replied, "No! Only all the candy!"

He finally did it

Xander finally went poop in the potty. He has been totally potty trained for awhile now, even at night, except he would not poop in the potty. He would insist on using a diaper even though I would make him sit on the potty in the diaper.
Well, Friday night right after we had tucked him in, Xander got up and said he had to go poop. Bheesh was mad that Xander had waited until after bed time to go, so Bheesh told him he had to go in the potty. Xander asked for me and immediately asked me for a diaper. When I said no, the crying started. Xander cried for 10 minutes, using every excuse to not poop in the potty - he was tired, he did not have to poop anymore, he was cold. I just told him that he had to stay on the potty until he pooped. Finally he gave in and did it! We were so proud.
Then he did not poop all day Saturday or Sunday. I was afraid that Friday night was a one time deal and he was going to go back to wanting a diaper, or he would hold it in knowing we would expect him to use the potty. Right before bath Sunday night I made him sit on the potty and after a minute he had gone poop in the potty again.
I think we are finally on the home stretch for having Xander totally potty trained. Once we are done with Xander we can start with Duncan - if I can find underwear for his tiny buns!