Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's been awhile

since I've updated the blog. After the wedding we needed some time to relax. Also, Duncan has been waking up at night crying (he is either sick, teething, or just spoiled) and Xander was getting up early over the weekend, so Bheesh and I are very tired. Hopefully we can catch up on sleep this weekend. Duncan is talking up a storm, saying all kinds of new words like Doc Oc, Spiderman (sounds like pie-erman) and Incredibles (sounds like crebul). Xander made a necklace at daycare yesterday out of star beads. He was really proud of it and said that it was a boy necklace because the girl necklaces were made of diamonds. I finally got a chance to work in the back yard for a few minutes yesterday, pulling weeds. There were a lot more weeds in the side yard than I thought. I got eaten alive by the mosquitoes, but it feels good to have accomplished something. I've also been working like crazy on my latest scrapbook - the alphabet book that covers from when Xander turned one year to when Duncan turned one year old. Bheesh has been doing well on his new diet and exercise program - we are very proud of his efforts.

I took Xander to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last weekend. We had to leave during the scene where Augustus Gloop was stuck in the pipe because Xander got scared. I tried to
calm him down, but he really wanted to leave, so we left. He did not even want to stand outside the theater while I got out stuff together, because he could still hear the "noise". I thought he would enjoy it because we just finished reading the book at night. He did not even want to stay to see his favorite scene where Veruca gets knocked on the head by the squirrels and then thrown in the garbage. I wonder if I should have know that he would be scared. I was pretty upset when we had to leave. Oh well. Now we are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe before bed. I will not be taking Xander to see this movie when it comes out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Bheeshmar's sister Ranju got married to Rohit Chandra on July 9th, so we went to Chicago for the wedding. There are more pictures on the main webpage.

The pictures here show:
top-left: Xander with the hotties
top-right: On a bridge over the Chicago River
bottom-left: Our window at the Hotel Monaco
bottom-right: Xander and Uncle Dave digging for dinosaur bones

Saturday, July 02, 2005

My moustache is touching my brain

We were getting dressed this morning and Xander wanted to tuck his shirt into his pants. After struggling with it for a few minutes, he tells me "My shirt is touching my buns!"

Duncan can now say milk and book with the "k" sound on the end.

We have been getting ready for our big trip for the wedding next week. Lots of planning and shopping and list making to verify that we do not forget anything.

We went to the zoo today. It was hot but the boys enjoyed seeing the animals, especially the tigers. We took the train ride, had a snow cone (Duncan would not eat any of it), then went to McDonalds for lunch.