Thursday, June 16, 2005

Xander's Stuff

First: Xander and I were at the grocery store last Saturday and he asked for cereal, the colorful kind that Candy (daycare provider) has. I asked what it is called and he said "CoCo Kackles". I asked "CoCo Pebbles" he said "No, CoCo Kackles!" I asked "CoCo Krispies" he said "No, CoCo Kackles! Mama stop saying it. It's Coco Kackles." I even had him repeat the name to Bheesh when we got home and we all laughed when he kept saying Coco Kackles. Later I asked Candy what kind of cereal she has and she said Fruity Pebbles!

Second: Xander likes to play Mama & Sweetie. I usually have to be the Mama, but sometimes he lets me be the Sweetie. I thought this was our special game, but this week I found out that he plays Mama & Sweetie with Jenna at daycare (Jenna is a petite blond, one year older than Xander. Xander had a blond girl playmate at his last daycare also. I think he is going to have a thing for blonds). I was talking to Xander about how he played Mama & Sweetie with Jenna and he said he wanted to play Mama & Sweetie Bad Guy, but Jenna said NO. Already being bossed around by the ladies.


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