Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Grandma and grandpa were visiting this weekend. They just left this morning (very early at 4am) and we had a great time. Mostly Xander and Duncan had a great time playing with grandpa (or Pa as Duncan said). They wore Grandpa out running around playing good guys vs. bad guys and having darkside parties. Duncan insisted that Pa put him to bed every night.

We also went to the new Cabela's in Buda and everyone had a great time. I'm not really into outdoor sporting activities (campin', huntin', etc.) but I enjoyed the store. They have rooms filled with stuffed animals (not the cuddly kind) including elephants and zebras and some mutant deer that creep me out when I think about them. They also have a laser shooting range which we all tried except Xander, because he was scared (it was dark and there were spooky animal noises).

Mom and I did a little crafting and went to the scrapbook store and we all drank tons of homemade gingerale.

I did have trouble sleeping on our new sofa bed (see earlier post) - it hurt my back. So now I'm pissed that I got a crappy couch. We are going to wait until Anjamma comes to visit. We will let her sleep on it and tell us if she thinks it is worth keeping. You better get a lot of rest before you come to visit, Anjamma. The boys are going to have you running around a lot!


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