Friday, August 05, 2005

Little things

Wednesday I took the boys to Sonic on the way home from daycare. Xander wanted a green drink (he orders all his drinks by color not flavor) and I ordered a strawberry-limeaid thinking it would be green. It was not green, it was red - my bad. I explained to Xander that it was my fault, I thought the drink was going to be green and we would get him a green drink next week. I was expecting a major blowout, but Xander seemed to settle himself down and he said "I give up" and he took the red drink!

I took the boys the pool yesterday and Xander enjoyed swimming around the big pool with his new noodle wrapped around his body. This was much nicer than holding both boys in the big pool.

Duncan likes to crawl around and pretend he is a dog. He can say yes now, "Yesh", but you have to prompt him to say it. He will also say "be back" when he leaves to tell you that he will be right back. He really likes to emphasize the last consonant sound of words. He can say "cu-ph" for cup, but says "great" for grape. Duncan likes to sing a dance. He will sing twinkle, twinkle little star and ABC (mostly just saying the last sound of each line) and he knows some of the Spiderman song by Weird Al.

Duncan is a thumb sucker. But does not seem to prefer one thumb to the other. If you take one thumb out of his mouth and hold it, he will put the other thumb in instead. He also likes to play with his ear with one hand while sucking the thumb of the other hand. If he is really serious, he will suck his thumb with one hand and wrap his other hand around the back of his head to play with the ear on the same side as the thumb he is sucking.


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