Friday, January 13, 2006


I took Xander to his first gymnastics class yesterday. He has been progressing in his physical activities on the backyard playscape (hanging on the monkey bars above the swings and climbing around), so we thought he was ready for a gymnastics class. I was afraid he would be scared of the newness of it and not participate. In fact the morning of the class he said he did not want to go, but he did GREAT. He was the first to run to the teacher when she announced that class had started, he followed her around and followed (almost) all of her instructions. He also did a great job with the physical activities. The teacher had the kids do a sequence of activities several times and after a few tries, Xander would catch onto what he was supposed to do and do it correctly - like hold himself up on the horizontal bar with his arms and legs straight.
I was so proud of him so I took him to Sonic next door for a snack (it was only 10am). He insisted we sit outside ("We cannot eat in the car, Mama!") even though it was a little chilly. He said he wanted chicken nuggets and french fries (his standard response to "what do you want to eat?") so I got him a kids meal. He gobbled down the entire meal. I do not think I have seen him eat that well at at fast food place ever! Usually he is too distracted by everything around him.
We had a great time and he is looking forward to going again next week.


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