Friday, December 16, 2005

What's been going on

  • Climbs up onto the tall bar stoll and down. He used to climb up and then cry "help" when he wanted down.
  • Opens doors.
  • Counts "One, two, three, eight, nine, ten, eleven, three ..."
  • Knows some of his colors and shapes. You can ask him to bring you the red triangle and he will do it correctly.
  • Sleeps in his big boy bed. The crib is in the attic.
  • Says "More Time!" instead of "again".
  • Pooped on the potty once at day care, but would not do it again at home.
  • Is getting better at sounding out words everyday.
  • Is starting to add. He will ask something like "What is between two and three?" Then he will count it out on his fingers and say "Five!"


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