Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Haven't blogged in awhile

Bheesh and I were sick after Serenity.

We bought a new bed for Xander. Duncan will get Xander's current bed. We are waiting for it to be delivered.

Xander still will not poop on the potty. He insists on a diaper. He will get the diaper when it is time, pull off his pants and underwear, pull on the diaper and I even make him sit on the toilet until he is done, but he will NOT go poop unless the diaper is on. We've tried everything we can think of including bribing him. Nothing works. I guess we will just have to wait until he decides he wants to.

We went to the mall to get portraits of the boys taken. Most of the professional pictures I have of them are from the winter (around their B-days) and they are all dressed up and well groomed. I decided I wanted a picture that more truly represents who they are. So, they are tan from the summer and I have not had their hair cut since R&R's wedding. Duncan had a blast. He wanted to do whatever this Chetta was doing and he cracked up for every picture, so his mouth is wide open. I'm going to pick them up tomorrow.

Then we all got a stomach virus starting with Duncan. There was puking all around the house. Xander has his first big boy vomit in the toilet and the bucket (unlike baby Duncan who puked in his crib and on his parents). He was so sad and shakey and pale looking, but he sat with me in front on the toilet for about 30 minutes until he was done. I think he fell asleep at one point with his head on my shoulder. We are all staring to feel better.

I still need to put out my Halloween decorations (gravestones with "Tina" and "Bheesh" carved into them - ha ha ha (evil laugh)) and think about carving pumpkins. After I pick up Duncan from daycare, we pass a place that sells pumpkins and he always says "Punkins!" so I think we will enjoy the jack-o-lanterns this year. I'm debating letting/making Duncan's wear his Halloween hood/hat/ear holder for a bit each day so he gets used to it so he will wear it for Halloween. I'm afraid he will keep pulling it off if he is not used to it.

I also need to finish designing my Christmas cards, but I'm having trouble getting motivated in the evenings when the boys are asleep.

Can't wait until Thanksgiving when Grandma and Grandpa get here.

Is that enough of an update for ya?


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