Friday, October 28, 2005

More Update

As Bheesh said, we painted our bedroom yesterday (plain beige - the color is really called Interactive Cream). It went a lot quicker that I expected and I'm not sore or tired today (yeah). We still need to get the drywall patched in the front room and then get the rest of the house painted, but we are going to hire someone to do this work - maybe next year.

We got Xander's new bed (bottom of a bunk bed) last weekend. Now he sleeps in a big boy bed with no rails. I still worry that he is going to roll out, but it's been a week and he hasn't rolled out yet, so I should stop worrying. Duncan got Xander's old bed (top of a bunk bed) with the rails but we have not tried to get him to sleep there yet. We are planning to start putting his in the bed for his naps this weekend. We'll see how that goes - I expect he will climb out.

Halloween is also this weekend and we have parties and trick-or-treating planned.


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