Friday, July 20, 2007

Tina's First Quilt

While we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Montana for a week this last May, Grandma and I made a entire quilt (well actually, Grandma did most of the work and we just made the front not the whole thing).

Back story: Earlier this year I got a quilting catalog in the mail. I have no idea why I get a quilting catalog. I had never quilted before, but Grandma quilts and I bought her some fabric once, so that is probably why I get the catalog. Anyway, I got the catalog and looked though it (even though I do not quilt) and saw some fabric that would match our new Computer Room. We had a quilt in the computer room (that Grandma had made for me), but it did not match the new colors (it was red, white and blue and the new room is blue and brown), so it had to leave (along with the neon sign of my name that my sister had made for me, but that is another story). But I need a blanket of some sort for when I watch TV in the computer room. So I mentioned the fabric to Grandma and she said "Get the fabric and bring it to Montana and we will make you a quilt!" Sounded easy, so that's what I did.

Really it was not so easy: The fabric was cut crooked so it took 4x longer to cut the pieces than it should have. And we had to go buy more fabric because the crooked fabric gave us lot of unusable pieces (but this gave us a chance to do some craft shopping - which I love). And Grandma tore HUGE gash in her finger with the sewing machine needle and bleed for days. And we spent every moment of our week visit in the craft room working on the quilt.

But we spent a lot of time together listening to Grandma music (bluegrass etc.) and doing some mother/daughter bonding. And we made a gorgeous quilt that matches my new computer room! After we left Montana, Grandma had the quilt quilted and sewed on the binding for me (thanks again Grandma!) and sent to to me. I love it - even though Bheesh says it it too big. I think it is perfect and I will always remember the week that Grandma and I made my first quilt.

By the way: today it Grandma's Birthday - Happy Birthday Grandma!


At 8:51 PM, July 27, 2007, Blogger Anju said...

Looks purdy, Tina LaReaux!


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