Thursday, July 12, 2007


We started a garden this year in our backyard. Tracy has had a garden for years and Grandma started one last year and the boys LOVE looking a the garden and picking the veggies. So we started one this year also. We took out the grass in the back corner of your yard and placed a recycled raised bed, added organic soils and compost in the bed and pea pebbles around the bed. We started planting around March (when Texas usually has the last freeze), but I have been pretty disappointed in my gardening skills. First we had an unusually late freeze in April (for Dave and Vanessa's wedding) and almost everything died. Then we got squash vine borers and all the zucchini died. I did buy a serrano pepper plant by accident at HEB for $.50 (I thought it was a green pepper plant) and we got two serrano peppers so far, but I do not like spicy food, so I have no idea what to do with them.

Well, yesterday I decided to pull up some of our carrots to see how they were doing. I let the boys pull up one each and they were not bad looking - kinda small, but not bad! We cleaned them and they boys ate them at dinner. Finally a mildly successful garden experience.

Currently we have a HUGE cucumber plant but no cucumbers. We have to check the zucchini plants everyday to make sure there are no eggs on them and pick off any eggs we find. We also have to remove any borers that are in the zucchini stems (plant surgery), but I'm not sure the plants we cut (to remove the yucky worms) are going to survive.


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