Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Birthday, Xander!

Xander turned 3 today, but we've been celebrating his birthday for the past several days.

He had a party on Thursday at his daycare (pictured left) where his friends all wished him well. There was a candy hunt and lots of playing. Xander got really embarrassed when the kids were singing happy birthday and was too shy to blow out his own candles. He really enjoyed opening presents, though.

On Saturday, we had some of our work friends over that have kids. We had seen many of them that morning at an Easter egg hunt that Uncle Dave was hosting at his house, but it was a really nice time for both kids and parents. This time, Xander blew out his candles (pictured right).

Furthermore, since his birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year, Tina's parents came over and spent the day with us and we had yet another gift-giving event.


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