Monday, February 28, 2005


Tina had to work late today, so I picked up the boys and took them to dinner. I was going to take them to Craig O's, but Xander said "I want a hamburger. Can we go to McDonalds, Daddy?" So I changed destinations en route and we went to the Golden Arches.

Xander got his hamburger happy meal and shared his fries with Duncan (who also got some chicken nuggets of his own). When Duncan saw his brother dipping the fries in ketchup, he pointed and grunted that he wanted to do the same thing. I held the little tub of ketchup for him and he delicately dipped a fry in and took a little taste... then wanted more. Being the hard-ass that I am, I told him "No double-dipping" and left him to chew on his fry.

Xander, however, was not content to leave it like that. He held the ketchup for his brother to dip into time and again. It was really very cute.


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