Monday, February 14, 2005


Yesterday we took the boys to get their haircuts at ToysRUs, but we were 30 minutes early. We didn't know what to do to kill 30 minutes, but I remembered that there was an entrance to the Barton Creek greenbelt just down the hill from the ToysRUs store. So we ended up hiking to Barton Creek and enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning. Xander got to indulge in his favorite pastime: throwing rocks into the water, and we all had a very nice time.

After haircuts, we went to lunch at Red Lobster (it's Lobsterfest, you know), and Xander ate a good part of a lobster tail. Duncan mostly enjoyed the french fries, but kept insisting that either Tina or I offer him water from our straws.

It was a lovely day.


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