Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Yummy soup!

Just so you don't think everything we do is bad...

Yesterday afternoon we had to play inside AGAIN because the weather was still wet and cold. We were watching Spirited Away and Xander was playing with the pots and spoons. He was making Mardi Gras bead and ping pong ball soup. Of course Duncan wanted to play too, so to avoid a fight I got Duncan a pot as well. He looked so cute trying to play like his big brother, mixing the beads in the pot.

Then the scene in the movie came on where the soots are putting the coal in the boiler for Kamaji and I remembered when Xander was little and just starting to say words he would say "hot" when this he saw the bright orange-red fire of the boiler. He learned this early because he always wanted to be held while Daddy was cooking to see what was going on and we were constantly having to tell him not to touch the pot/stove because it was "hot".

Now Duncan is starting to say words and he also loves to watch Daddy cook. I told him that the fire on TV was hot and he looked at the TV and said "ha". Very cute.


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