Monday, February 16, 2009

Bheeshmar's birthday

Boys with the Shiner ram
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My birthday present this year was a family road trip to Houston. We left Friday and stopped by the Shiner brewery for their morning tour. The boys liked seeing the bottling line, which was very impressive. Bheeshmar liked the samples after the tour...

On Saturday, we visited the Kuglers. Eric and Bheesh went to the St. Arnold brewery tour. That brewery was very different than the one in Shiner. Interesting fact: St. Arnold's annual output is about the same as two hours of Budweiser's.

On Sunday, the Kuglers joined us for a tour of Johnson Space Center. The kids especially enjoyed climbing the playscape. For dinner that night, we went to La Dolce Vita and had some authentic Italian cuisine. I enjoyed the Fennel with Bagna Cauda and Octopus with Rapini. It had some unusual but delicious stuff!

Monday morning, we drove home. We took a wrong turn that added an hour to our drive. We lunched at Kreuz's barbecue in Lockhart, which was tasty, but not something I'd drive 40 miles to eat.

We finally got home, and the boys were exhausted. Too much fun over the birthday weekend.

I had a great time. Just the kind of birthday I wanted.


At 7:56 PM, February 18, 2009, Blogger Suz said...

happy birthday bheeshmar! your birthday challenge can be to ride your bike back in april ... that's a haul ... but a fun ride ... and lots of free shiner when you do it!


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