Sunday, April 15, 2007


aka, Parents Night Out.

The preschool opens for the night and for $35 (for both boys) the boys are watched for 5 hours and entertained by people we totally trust (their school teachers) with their friends. They get pizza and watch movies and have a blast.

Bheeshmar and I usually go to the Alamo Drafthouse to eat dinner and see a movie, but nothing was playing that we wanted to see this weekend. Last weekend we went to David's wedding, but it was so cold (30 degrees and outside) that we could not enjoy getting dressed up. So we got dressed up again this weekend and went out to eat at the Driskill Grill at the Driskill Hotel - great food and great service and very fancy. I had lobster salad, duck ravioli and wagyu striploin. Bheeshmar had bacon (porkbelly) and (quail) egg salad, smoked quail, and braised short ribs. The best part for me was the homemade candy and milkshake (in a shot glass) for dessert. It is nice to act like an adult sometimes.


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