Monday, November 13, 2006

Like Father, Like Son?

Bheeshmar peed in his Aunt's ear when he was three years old. I think everyone who knows Bheesh, knows this story. They had been taking a nap with Bheesh (Mon) up against the wall and his Aunt on the outside so he would not roll off the bed. He woke up and really had to go. He could not get around his Aunt who was still sleeping, so ... pee in the ear!

Well, last night around 9:45 Xander appeared at the computer room door where Bheesh and I were watching TV. Xander was crying and he had no pants on. I hurried up to him to make sure he was OK and he starting peeing on the carpet! Without thinking I cupped my hands to catch the pee. I asked Xander if he could stop and he said no. I guess Xander REALLY had to go because he filled my hands and kept going. I urgently suggested to Bheesh to find something to catch the pee and he handed me his water cup, while saying something like "remind me not to drink that". When Xander finally finished, I took him to the bathroom where he peed some more (in the toilet) and then I cleaned him up and WASHED MY HANDS--A LOT. He was obviously very sleepy or still asleep. He continuously yawned and was shaking a little. His pants were next to his bed (dry) and I helped him put them back on. I tucked him back into bed and he curled up and fell right back to sleep.


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