Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Xander lost another tooth

Xander lost another tooth
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This time it was one of the front ones on top. He looks so strange to me with a bloody hole where his tooth used to be. He and Bheesh lost the tooth in the drain while flossing. Xander is worried that the Tooth Fairy will not know to visit since the tooth is in the drain, but I promised him that she still knows to leave him some cash.


At 2:35 AM, March 15, 2009, Blogger Che76 said...

Yay Xander!! He IS just like his Anjamma, in certain ways. I remember, when we lived in Texas, I lost a tooth after school in the formal dining room in our off-white shag carpet. I searched and searched but couldn't find the tooth to save my life! I had the same worries about the tooth fairy not being able to find my tooth either and giving me my hard earned money. But she did. She left a quarter in the dining room on the carpet where she found it :) You should let Xander know this.


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